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IONA Prenatal Testing

IONA Prenatal Test

IONA.....a non-invasive prenatal screening test for Down's Syndrome and other serious genetic conditions 

3fivetwo Healthcare is delighted to offer a new genetic screening test for expectant mothers.

The IONA test estimates the risk of a fetus having Down's syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (Trisomy 18) and Patau's syndrome (Trisomy 13).

The IONA test also offers optional fetal sex determination.


What are the advantages of the IONA test?


SAFE: non-invasive with no risk of miscarriage

FAST: the IONA test is the fastest non-invasive prenatal test available with results provided within 3-5 working days, from sample receipt

ACCURATE: greather than 99% for detection of trisomy conditions (fetal sex derterminatoin is greater than 97% accurate)

SIMPLE: uses a simple maternal blood sample

LOCAL: unlike other tests, the IONA test is performed in a laboratory local to you

QUALITY: unlike other tests, the IONA test is a regulated diagnostic, which is CE marked


How does it work?


During pregnancy the placenta leaks cell-free DNA which circulate in the maternal bloodstream. As a result, a maternal blood sample contains a mixture of fetal and maternal cicrulating DNA.  The IONA test directly measures the amount of this cell-free DNA and can detect small changes in the DNA ratio between the maternal and cell-free DNA when a fetal trisomy is present.


Who can have the IONA test?


The IONA test complements the comprehensive range of antenatal services currently available at 3fivetwo Healthcare. For further information on our antenatal packages, scans, tests and diagnostics, please visit our pregnancy page


Where can I get the IONA test? 


The IONA Prenatal Test is now available at 3fivetwo Healthcare on Belfast’s Lisburn Road. At your appointment, you will have a consultation, scan and a small blood sample will be taken. 

You can arrange an appointment via our dedicated private patient booking team on 0845 6006 352 or 


When will I get the results? 


We will contact you directly with the results within 7-10 working days from the date of the test. Advice and counselling options will be provided for all patients and their partners. 


How much is the IONA Test? 


The IONA Prenatal Test at 3fivetwo Healthcare ranges from £500 to £550.00 inclusive, and includes a consultation and scan. 


If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team on the details above.