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Hearing Care

At Sweeney Optician Eye & Hearing Care - part of the 3fivetwo Group - our hearing aid audiologists offer a wide range of hearing services and solutions, including the latest hearing aid technology from the world’s leading suppliers. With Sweeney Optician Eye & Hearing Care you can rest assured that your hearing is in the hands of our caring hearing aid audiologists.

Who should have a hearing test?

Because hearing loss is age-related everyone over 50 years of age should have their hearing checked.

As we get older, regular hearing tests, like eye tests and dental checks, should become an important part of our healthcare routine. Wear-and-tear on our hearing system means that by the time we are 50 years of age, over one third of us will have some degree of hearing loss. By the time we are 70 nearly three quarters of us will have hearing loss.

Exposure to noise can also cause hearing loss and Tinnitus is often associated with this type loss. If you are working or exposing your ears to noise levels in excess of 80dBA for longer than a few minutes you will be causing irreversible damage to your hearing. Hearing protection should be worn at all times. At Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care we can advise you on the correct type of Hearing protection for each noisy situation.

Many people are not convinced that they have a hearing loss, even though it may have become obvious to their friends and family. 


Here are some simple questions that you can complete to discover if you, or a friend of family member, might have hearing loss:


·         Do you struggle to hear clearly on the phone?

·         Do  family or friends complain that you have the volume on the television or radio too loud for them?

·         Do you often feel like people are mumbling or speaking too quietly?

·         Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?

·         Do you find it hard to hear conversations in restaurants or areas where there is a lot of background noise?


If you answer yes to more than one of these questions you may have some degree of hearing loss. It is important that you have it checked out fully. Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care will do this for you free-of-charge. If you require hearing instruments they will suggest a tailored solution for the problem.

Hearing Solutions

Every hearing loss is different, Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care offer hearing solutions to suit everyone. Because we have over 25 years of experience in hearing care, we can offer you independent advice on the best solution for your loss. We fit hearing aids from the world’s leading suppliers including StarkeyPhonakWidex and Oticon

Hearing Aid Styles

Not all hearing aid types are suitable for everyone. Because we have many years of experience helping the hearing impaired we will guide you in the process of finding the best solution for you or a friend or family member.

Here For The Journey

Making the right choice of hearing aid is one thing, but this is just the start of your journey to better hearing. When we fit your hearing aids we want you to be confident that you can contact us at any stage if you need advice or help. Every hearing aid fitting is accompanied by the following services:

Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care is a voluntary member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology (BSHAA) Customer Care Scheme. 


At Sweeney Optician Eye and Ear Care we also provide a range of passive and active noise protection for:

  • Motorcyclists
  • Musicians and those listening to loud music
  • Those using firearms – sportsmen and those in the armed forces
  • Industry workers
  • Sleep problems – snoring and light sleepers.


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